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UEFA – A License

After retiring from his professional career at SC Paderborn 07, he is working as a trainer for FS Academy.
From the 14/15 season, more than 32 youth Bundesliga players have been trained.

Speed, power, tactical understanding, coordination, technique, physical condition, weakness compensation training, and other comprehensive training necessary for soccer, taking on the skills of FS players and raising them.

He also trained well-known professional players such as Dxxxler and Leroy Sxxe.

Speed & Power
Tactics & Coordination
Technique & Condition
Focus on weakness


Since 2016, dozens of players have been directly trained to advance to the top leagues.
It is our purpose and goal to advance all players with FS to the upper leagues.

All players with FS Academy will grow.

FS’s Three Principles

1. When recruiting a player, never recruiting a player with a hypothesis such as “I will make you a professional player” or “I will hold you to the professinal club”.

2. As an external factor, no variable is given to skill evaluation

3. Always keep the promises set and make new agreements for further inquiries.



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